Good thing, I turned down an Elance new client scammer using my instincts!

I am glad that Star Writers Group or‘s website is now out of Google Search (or maybe out of the top search but anyway, I’m glad they’re out) and thanks to myself that many are now aware that their website is full of scammers because I found out before about their true identity and I am glad that the scammer/s hiding in the alias of adams chris on Skype is so stupid to give their email address. Also, I’ll discuss to you later about a new scammer who tried to fool me and turn me into a slave again.

Yip Yip! Even though I was pissed off a bit, I’m also lucky to learn a lesson without spending an expensive amount (since I am not sure if they will gonna pay me and I don’t want to hire contractors using my own earnings) and without being subjected into a non-violent or non-gruesome way.

I don’t know how the hell clients have known about Star Writers Group. By the way, here’s the screenshot that proves that the website, does not exist anymore. I don’t know what the hell happened to them but still, freelancers must be vigilant and read my other post on how to avoid VERIFIED Elance scammers giving hourly jobs and without an escrow.

how to elance scammer

I have a detection success story.

There is a client from the USA where he offered a $10-$15 hourly job on Elance. Since I have done many writing projects, I thought it would not hurt to bid on this job. I am not afraid to bid on jobs unless, if I smell something fishy, that’s the time where I will definitely quit.

Tomorrow morning, the client sent me a message. (I censored the names so you will focus yourselves on the type of scam since everyone can make aliases)

Thanks for your response and application. Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project? May i conduct a short skype (chat) interview . my user id is “xxx”


I saw that the project he posted got delisted but still, I sent him a message and my skype ID just to find out if this is just a scam. I viewed his Elance client profile and made a reverse image of his photo. The result showed that the image was unique.

I checked his profile again and I noticed that he awarded about 10 or less jobs but all were still in working status and his account was established just this month. Because of this, I am not afraid to demand the client for a fixed price job with escrow. He doesn’t have a proof that he is reliable, unlike with other clients (inside or outside Elance) that they have a strong payment history that’s why I am lenient to them.

Here’s our conversation after we introduced ourselves:

xxx: do you write quality content?
xxx how long do you take to 1000words?
Me: Yes. Just look at my sample portfolios and you may assess my skills there. Regarding the duration of writing 1000 words, it depends on the topic. In average, I can write 1000 words within 3-4 hours (research included).
Me: If easy, it will take less than 3 hours
Me: For difficult topics, 5-6 hours.
xxx may i ask what is your rate for 1000words?
Me: I would like to know first if what niche or what kind of topics will I write?

xxx: here is your first task

(The project title)

Word count: 400
Writing style:

(The rest is blah blah about the article)

tell is this is something you can do
Me: Yes. but since the project is delisted in Elance, will you create a new job there and have an escrow? Or do you make payments daily if outside Elance?
xxx: i make payment on thursday every week

This is the time where I tried to give my amount. I expected that he will complain or justify why my rate is so expensive for an easy/average task. But, surprise! He agreed immediately. Worse, he did not answer how will he pay me if the article he assigned to me has only 400 words.

Me: Ok. Is this outside Elance? Because if yes, how about if I’ll just submit 1 article today and you’ll make the payment also today after I submit my article. In this way, we will both have a win-win situation. Also, my rate for 1000 words is $15. If you are okay with it, how much will you pay if you’ll going to assign me a 400 word-article?
xxx: i would like to start @ $10/1000words for the first week
xxx: it will be through elance. Is that ok?

Me: Sure. Since the job there was delisted, would that be fine if you will make a new fixed price job there for the first week and then fund the escrow?

xxx: I was about to go out; let me do that when I get back. You can write down some sentences for me to see your style
xxx: okay?

Hmmm….. What this scammer really mean is he wasted his own time and he wanted to yell “F*** You” to me. 😀

Me: Okay. I can do 1-2 (1000 words) articles. For the sample sentences, here it is:

(My few sentences copied and pasted from my own sample before)

Me: Also, take your time. If you agree, just fund the escrow for 1-2 (1000 word) articles for 1 week. Thank you in advance and thank you for interviewing me.

I admit, I was not sure on that moment if he’s a scammer or not, I just wanted to send a polite message.

2 days later, I checked his account and here it is! He was probably reported by a freelancer.

how to report an Elance client

I am glad that I made a right choice! For those who are working out on Elance, if the client has not established his record yet, demand a fixed price job with escrow if he posted an hourly job unless if you will use the Elance tracker.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


Best tips in recognizing fraud, red flags and scams in a verified elance client

Hooray! My blog is now included in Google and Yahoo’s search engine list but I still need to type for my blog to appear. I hope by writing the fake company’s name, my blog will appear on the search soon.

You can see this on the client info

You can see this on the client info

If you are a novice freelancer, you can bid on clients with verified payment method as long as the job is part time. In case of an hourly job, you can receive the payment for the first week. If no payment received after the first week, stop the work and request to your client to cancel the job. In case of a fixed job, the escrow must be funded first and the first milestone must be set to the shortest time possible so you can tell if your client is indeed honest and trustworthy. The second milestone and so on must be set to what you and the client agreed upon.

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Part 3: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

This is my last post about Star Writers Group. The orginal and nice guy from part 1, Nick of Elance, replied and sent me a message. He met the scammer long ago and since he immediately cancelled the job, the scammer got mad and this is the main reason why his picture was stolen by the scammer.

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Part 2: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

From my first post. Here’s another story shared by pratiorganize by the real name, Pratiksha Sharma of Elance. She is an honest freelancer with great command of the English language. You can see her profile and hire her.

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Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

Elance is really a big help for me to earn additional income during my idle days. I met great clients there. My first client was a japanese client. He has a verified payment in elance. He did not have job history yet but since I am a first time freelancer and as long as the task is not difficult and has flexible time, I grabbed it. Luckily he is very nice, professional and honest. At last! I got paid on a generous amount for my first job.

I met some clients and they are really nice. When I saw an hourly job post for Article writers, I saw that the amount he offered was big so I tried to bid on it. The client messaged me and I asked many questions. He’s entertaining and I am glad that he awarded me the job. I looked again on the job post and I saw that I am the most novice freelancer there having awarded this job. I admit that I got scammed a bit but with no money involved but at least I detected earlier that he is a scammer.

I just want to share this article on how to check elance clients with verified payments.

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