Best tips in recognizing fraud, red flags and scams in a verified elance client

Hooray! My blog is now included in Google and Yahoo’s search engine list but I still need to type for my blog to appear. I hope by writing the fake company’s name, my blog will appear on the search soon.

You can see this on the client info

You can see this on the client info

If you are a novice freelancer, you can bid on clients with verified payment method as long as the job is part time. In case of an hourly job, you can receive the payment for the first week. If no payment received after the first week, stop the work and request to your client to cancel the job. In case of a fixed job, the escrow must be funded first and the first milestone must be set to the shortest time possible so you can tell if your client is indeed honest and trustworthy. The second milestone and so on must be set to what you and the client agreed upon.

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