Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

Elance is really a big help for me to earn additional income during my idle days. I met great clients there. My first client was a japanese client. He has a verified payment in elance. He did not have job history yet but since I am a first time freelancer and as long as the task is not difficult and has flexible time, I grabbed it. Luckily he is very nice, professional and honest. At last! I got paid on a generous amount for my first job.

I met some clients and they are really nice. When I saw an hourly job post for Article writers, I saw that the amount he offered was big so I tried to bid on it. The client messaged me and I asked many questions. He’s entertaining and I am glad that he awarded me the job. I looked again on the job post and I saw that I am the most novice freelancer there having awarded this job. I admit that I got scammed a bit but with no money involved but at least I detected earlier that he is a scammer.

I just want to share this article on how to check elance clients with verified payments.

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