Part 3: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

This is my last post about Star Writers Group. The orginal and nice guy from part 1, Nick of Elance, replied and sent me a message. He met the scammer long ago and since he immediately cancelled the job, the scammer got mad and this is the main reason why his picture was stolen by the scammer.

Here’s what he said to me through email:

Hey (my name),

I actually had an interaction with the same guy under the
Elance name

His Elance profile has been closed but I’m sending over a
link to the
job I was accepted to:

I’m not sure if that is still viewable as an outside
contractor on your end.

I also attached a copy of our Skype conversation. I cut out
a small
portion of the text at the beginning which was just us
riffing about
some personal details about myself but you can see that he
has the exact same M.O.

Something about him rubbed me the wrong way and I blocked
him right
after that last exchange but his skype ID was
charles.campbell and he
was using the same picture of Mark Wahlberg in a tuxedo and
location as his Elance profile. London was only his given
location, I
wouldn’t doubt that it was a fake and I don’t have any IP

I’m guessing he must have decided to steal my picture after
I shut him
down on Skype.

Thanks again for the heads up.


Nick also shared that the skype user name used by the scammer is charles.campbell.

Here is his Skype transcription (me in this conversation refers to Nick):

Charles Campell

?2?:?48? ?PM

ok, thne

?2?:?49? ?PM

let me hire you


?2?:?49? ?PM


Charles Campell

?2?:?49? ?PM

offer sent

?2?:?50? ?PM

accept so i send the first topic


?2?:?51? ?PM

Ok I accepted it

Charles Campell

?2?:?51? ?PM


Project title: Dead Hot Water Cylinder – hot water
Category: Home Improvement
Keyword: Dead Hot Water Cylinder
Word count: 300

Writing style: Professional tone
Article purpose: Write a 300 word article covering the who, what, when, where and why on each given topic.

These are educational pieces designed to help people make decisions and find answers to questions related to the topic.

Goal #1: to inform users who are seeking to learn about the topic and who have specific questions in mind related to the topic. Tip: include a couple of fact or details to give the piece depth.

Goal #2: written with the essence in mind, so you should research key phrases related to the topic and include them in the article. If the topic given is a key phrase or a list of keywords, then emphasize those and select a focus for your article that covers the subject matter.
Special instructions: You don’t have much room, so make each word count (packed with real, researched info — no fluff!)

Must come across as insightful, actionable and professional to make it entertaining and actually read-worthy.

Capture the readers attention by virtue of the content and facts alone. It should NOT be dry like an encyclopedia article.

Structure and Format

You should write one 500+ word article that mentions the keyword twice MAX. Don’t spam the article with the keyword. It should be mentioned early in the article (but don’t START the article with the exact keyword) and then mention the keyword again near the end of the article.

At the very end, include at least 1 or 2 reference URLs that you used for your research.

Detail and Research

Focus on sources including .GOV, .ORG and .EDU sites, as well as research reports or original news articles from reputable sites.

You MUST AVOID the following sources:


content farms like suite101, eHow or

article directories like


Include specific tips, suggestions and facts.

Do not just write a list of points. It needs to be full flowing paragraphs.

NO FLUFF. Avoid cliches and information thats obvious.

IMPORTANT: include an interesting facts, historical tidbits, quotations, numerical data and other relevant facts to give your article depth.

just 350 words

?2?:?52? ?PM

let me know if you can do that


?2?:?52? ?PM

Yeah, that should be fine

I’ll let you know when I’m finished

Charles Campell

?2?:?53? ?PM

1hr please


?2?:?54? ?PM


Charles Campell

?3?:?50? ?PM

are you done?

that is just 350 words?


?3?:?51? ?PM

No, I’m not done just yet

Charles Campell

?3?:?51? ?PM


when will you be done?


?3?:?52? ?PM

Shortly, I’m almost finished

Charles Campell

?3?:?56? ?PM



?3?:?58? ?PM

sent a file

dead hot water cylinders.odt

Honestly, Charles, I don’t think our work styles are compatible and I’m going to submit a cancellation request for this job. I’ll go ahead and send over what I have completed so far. I don’t expect payment if you decide to use it. Thanks and good luck.

Charles Campell

?3?:?59? ?PM



?4?:?00? ?PM

Sorry to hear that Charles, good luck with your $10 articles


See, It’s important to be vigilant. I thanked Nick for the information. Anyway here’s Nick T’s real Elance profile and website. He has a good reputation so if you are a client, you can hire him 🙂

I also informed the Elance freelancer who disputed the scammer about this. I hope that one of his clients will really investigate this. I noticed that fake name Charles Campbell is related to his fake invoice Marcus Charles.  Anyway, since we prevented writing a huge number of articles for the scammer and we early detected that he is indeed one, I reported the Star Writers Group with web address and email address for committing fraud and scam  to

Since I also reported this website to Google, I hope they will do anything to close their website so future clients and freelancers will not be scammed.

The next post will be about  “Best tips in recognizing fraud, red flags and scams in a verified elance client”.


About elancecontractor

I am an Elance freelancer and client sharing Elance scam stories. I do not do these to destroy Elance's reputation. I did this blog to warn people about choosing clients and freelancers carefully. You may also contact me if you would like to share your Elance experience.

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