Part 2: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

From my first post. Here’s another story shared by pratiorganize by the real name, Pratiksha Sharma of Elance. She is an honest freelancer with great command of the English language. You can see her profile and hire her.

There was a scammer Marcy Larson on skype. She sent an article assigment format same to adamschris. Have a look on the skype conversation between Pratiksha and Marcy Larson aka also as adamschris.

[30-11-2013 13:09:47] Marcy Larson: hi

[30-11-2013 13:13:30] Pratiksha Sharma: yeah hi.

[30-11-2013 13:14:46] Marcy Larson: hi

[30-11-2013 13:14:49] Marcy Larson: good and you?

[30-11-2013 13:14:57] Pratiksha Sharma: fine here.

[30-11-2013 13:15:26] Pratiksha Sharma: well, what may be topics?

[30-11-2013 13:15:43] Marcy Larson: [30 November 2013 11:46] Marcy Larson:


<<< i work with my writers to write articles, web content, product reviews  and such like, topics are verse but not technical. Each article should be written in 1.5hrs then you send back then i get you anoither, so am looking for 8 in day. Can you help?

[30-11-2013 13:19:34] Marcy Larson: still there?

[30-11-2013 13:20:20] Pratiksha Sharma: yes, i am cofortable with writing all these stuff.

[30-11-2013 13:20:48] Pratiksha Sharma: comfortable

[30-11-2013 13:22:31] Marcy Larson: what do you charge per article?

[30-11-2013 13:22:31] Marcy Larson:  and when cn you start?

[30-11-2013 13:23:21] Pratiksha Sharma: $7 per 500 words article

[30-11-2013 13:24:19] Pratiksha Sharma: from monday morning 10, according to IST(Indian Standard Time)

[30-11-2013 13:25:07] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 13:25:19] Marcy Larson: how lomng do you take to write 500 word article?

[30-11-2013 13:25:42] Pratiksha Sharma: atleat 1 hour

[30-11-2013 13:26:06] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 13:26:14] Marcy Larson: atmost?

[30-11-2013 13:26:25] Pratiksha Sharma: and the price is excluding elance fee

[30-11-2013 13:26:27] Pratiksha Sharma: yes.

[30-11-2013 13:27:07] Pratiksha Sharma: not more than 1 hour

[30-11-2013 13:28:19] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 13:34:29] Pratiksha Sharma: as you are expecting 8 articles per day, then  to meet up your demands i will alter my working tiem according to your time frame. so, that you will meet yur goal of 8 articles per day.

[30-11-2013 13:34:49] Marcy Larson: yes

[30-11-2013 13:35:06] Pratiksha Sharma: but you have to fund for 8 article before starting work, and release once i have subnit all 8.

[30-11-2013 13:35:07] Marcy Larson: you will need to here here from 8 am indian time till 5-6pm

[30-11-2013 13:35:11] Marcy Larson: your time

[30-11-2013 13:35:38] Marcy Larson: work is through workview timesheet

[30-11-2013 13:35:59] Pratiksha Sharma: no problem, once we start working i will set my time according to yours.

[30-11-2013 13:36:42] Pratiksha Sharma: i don,t thinkl there is need of work view as, paymen tis made accroding to per article.

[30-11-2013 13:36:54] Marcy Larson: we dony use escrow rather we use workview timesheet since tehse articles are time based

[30-11-2013 13:36:56] Pratiksha Sharma: workview time sheet is required in hourly jobs.

[30-11-2013 13:37:16] Pratiksha Sharma: no problem,

[30-11-2013 13:37:48] Pratiksha Sharma: either of the way i have to submit one article in every one hour after the topic is given.

[30-11-2013 13:38:20] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 13:38:24] Marcy Larson: good to hear that

[30-11-2013 13:38:30] Marcy Larson: so when can you start?

[30-11-2013 13:38:44] Pratiksha Sharma: from monday.

[30-11-2013 13:38:58] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 13:39:10] Marcy Larson: we meet by then 8 am your time so i hire you then we start

[30-11-2013 13:39:22] Pratiksha Sharma: on ist day we will strt acording to mine time frame, afterwords we continue according to you.

[30-11-2013 13:39:30] Pratiksha Sharma: yes, that will be good.

[30-11-2013 13:39:56] Pratiksha Sharma: it will be good if you hire me today,i mean if you award me job today.

[30-11-2013 13:41:26] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 13:44:24] Marcy Larson: so am sending an offer for 40hrs for 40 articles, that okay?

[30-11-2013 13:45:53] Pratiksha Sharma: yes i am ready.

[30-11-2013 13:46:22] Pratiksha Sharma: per article rate is 7.7 including elance fee. is it okay?

[30-11-2013 13:47:24] Marcy Larson: yes

[30-11-2013 13:47:44] Pratiksha Sharma: fine proceed!

[30-11-2013 13:49:03] Marcy Larson: offer sent

[30-11-2013 13:49:05] Marcy Larson: accept

[30-11-2013 13:49:32] Pratiksha Sharma: ok

[30-11-2013 22:43:49] Pratiksha Sharma: hi please send me on etopic to do now.

[30-11-2013 22:44:59] Marcy Larson: ok

[30-11-2013 22:45:01] Marcy Larson: few minutes

[30-11-2013 22:47:19] Pratiksha Sharma: yes

[30-11-2013 23:38:15] Marcy Larson: hi

[30-11-2013 23:38:26] Marcy Larson: can we just start tomorrow in the morning please?

[30-11-2013 23:38:48] Pratiksha Sharma: no then, we will start from monday.

[30-11-2013 23:39:06] Pratiksha Sharma: monday morning.

[30-11-2013 23:39:07] Marcy Larson: or you want to work at night?

[30-11-2013 23:39:24] Pratiksha Sharma: monay morning wil be fine.

[30-11-2013 23:39:27] Pratiksha Sharma: monday.

[30-11-2013 23:39:32] Marcy Larson: k

[02-12-2013 09:06:13] Marcy Larson: hi

[02-12-2013 09:06:29] Pratiksha Sharma: Yes.hi

[02-12-2013 09:06:45] Marcy Larson: good and you?

[02-12-2013 09:07:06] Pratiksha Sharma: I am fine .thanks

[02-12-2013 09:09:26] Marcy Larson: ready when you are

[02-12-2013 09:09:57] Marcy Larson: ?

[02-12-2013 09:10:14] Pratiksha Sharma: Yes, I am ready after half an hour. All set for work

[02-12-2013 09:11:46] Marcy Larson: ok

[02-12-2013 09:11:54] Marcy Larson: here is the fist topic though

[02-12-2013 09:12:04] Marcy Larson: Project title:   Lighting and energy saving

Category:  Other

Keyword:  7 Weird and Wonderful Uses For LED Lighting Technology

Word count: 500




Writing style: Friendly tone

Article purpose: To be posted on blogs

Special instructions: Instructions:


– Write based on TOPICS, NOT keywords

– Use lists/headings. The more the better

– Be specific

– Use humor

– Write like you talk. Conversational style article.

– Must be entertaining to read and has a great tone

– Come up with your own title


Please find some references for some of the topics listed. DO NOT copy directly from these pages. You MUST do your own research too.


– Bright ideas for saving on lighting:

– 7 Weird and Wonderful Uses For LED Lighting Technology:

– Ingenious and wise ways for a business to save on utilities costs:

[02-12-2013 09:12:10] Marcy Larson: 2hrs max

[02-12-2013 09:12:14] Pratiksha Sharma: Ok.

[02-12-2013 10:52:53] *** Pratiksha Sharma sent lighting and energy saving.docx ***

[02-12-2013 10:53:31] Pratiksha Sharma: yes, done, send me next article details,

[02-12-2013 11:06:16] Marcy Larson: here

[02-12-2013 11:06:27] Marcy Larson: Project title:   e-liquids for electronic cigarettes

Category:  Shopping and Product Reviews

Keyword:  Subject: e-liquids for electronic cigarettes (this is not the keyword)

Word count: 400



Writing style: Professional tone

Article purpose: * We will put the articles on a website with e-liquids for electronic cigarettes.


* Please don’t write about nicotine e-liquids. There is nothing wrong about them, but all the articles are set up on Australian websites where it is illegal to sell nicotine.


* Please don’t write that e-cigarettes are quit smoking devices as in Australia they can’t be advertised as a quit smoking aids.


* You can choose the topics for the articles. It is just important to have the articles written about e-liquids (known also as e-juice for e-cigarettes).

Special instructions: * The keywords “electronic cigarettes” + “e-liquids” (or “e-juice”) should appear at least 5 times each in the article (the writing should be natural).


* You have to create an interesting and attractive title that includes the subject.


* The article should be divided into paragraphs.


* At least 2 (or more) sub-headings should be added to the article (as..

[4:53:58 PM] Pratiksha Sharma: [Monday, December 02, 2013 2:06 PM] Marcy Larson:


<<< Project title:   Dec – Need a High Quality and Informative Article Related to Career Niche

Category:  Home and Family

Keyword:  phlebotomy schools

Word count: 500




Writing style: Friendly tone

Article purpose: I’m looking for very specific instructions to be followed, so if you don’t like long instructions, or you can’t follow them properly, please click cancel now and save us both some time. Thanks


This article will be posted on a career related blog, so the sentences need to be easy-to-read, engaging (no dull content), and contain actual, useful information (no filler/fluff). Avoid repetitive sentences and repeatedly introducing the same subject/word over and over. Refer to it with words like “this” and “it”.

Special instructions: Here are the requirements for this article:


1) Do not optimize the article for any particular keyword. Write naturally for the readers, not the search engines!

2) The keywords above should be used as the title of the article.

3) The article needs to have at least 1 bulleted or numbered list.

4) If the article title provided is not in a list format (ex: 10 Ways to.. 5 tips for…) then the article must contain proper subtitles (at least 3) Do not just re-use the title as a subtitle.

5) The article must be written mostly in first and second person narrative. The style should be very “personal” in order to build trust with the readers.

6) Make sure that it’s informative, fun/easy to read, and flows naturally. Avoid lengthy sentences or multiple sentences that can be summed up with a single, concise one.

7) Keep paragraphs short (maximum 2-3 sentences per paragraph). Separate your ideas. It’s much easier to read this way.

8) Do not submit to me a direct re-write of an article. If I recognize the article as a direct rewrite of an existing article, I will not accept it and you will receive a bad rating for not following clear instructions.

9) Use at least 3 or more sources when doing your research and *list the sources* used at the bottom.



I recommend writing the article as if you are speaking to someone, as this style will naturally interest and benefit the targeted readers.


Please *double check* your article before submitting to make sure it’s unique and does not contain any grammar mistakes. I will not be able to accept any article that is spun, has grammar mistakes, lacks quality information, fails to follow *any* of the above guidelines, or is plagiarized/rewritten. Failure to follow guidelines will result in wasted time for both of us.


I look forward to reading your finished work. Thank You and Good Luck!

[4:54:31 PM] (iamacoolelancer): Yes. It’s the same. Maybe this scammer and adamschris is one. Okay I’ll include this on my next post

[4:55:00 PM] Pratiksha Sharma: [Tuesday, December 03, 2013 1:05 AM] Pratiksha Sharma:


<<< taht,s why i am cautious.

That’s the end of the conversation.

I am finding out the IP address of the scam website, Star Writers Group.

IP address 1

It says it’s in Arizona

IP address 2

It says it’s in Mountain View

And then, I found out that the scammer maybe lives in the USA but this scammer may also living in Kenya since Star Writers Group web address is .ke

What’s left, is to find out the scammer’s skype id IP address.

One freelancer who disputed adamschris on Elance, informed now the clients and one client said that they will be investigating it.

I’ll just take a break. I’ll post another Elance scam but as of the moment, the next post is not related to adamschris but will give you a reading value. 🙂 I’ll post another adamschris story if there will be update. The important is, I shared that Star Writers Group is a scam. If you are looking for writers, just go to the legal sites and email addresses not by someone who just made a website. This is the first time I am searching like a paparazzi. 🙂


About elancecontractor

I am an Elance freelancer and client sharing Elance scam stories. I do not do these to destroy Elance's reputation. I did this blog to warn people about choosing clients and freelancers carefully. You may also contact me if you would like to share your Elance experience.

8 responses to “Part 2: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

  1. I just lost $1341 to these people. They’re using the name Kelly Corton now. I reported them on and They used the email for me, but this is what I found for their contact info online:
    Phone: 4458742241
    United Kingdom

    • Oh.. The scammer’s now using

      The address on the website is also fake because there’s no such address in UK and their website ends in .ke which is in Kenya. I also checked the skype account and it also belongs to Kenya.

      That’s why on hourly job article writing jobs, smart writers currently are asking their clients to convert this into a fixed job and fund the escrow before they start the work.

      Also, someone in Elance informed me that this scammer is posting the same job in Elance. So what I did is invite the freelancers who the scammer have awarded the job and informed them. Glad they did not get scammed and the job was delisted by Elance and the fake client account’s deactivated.

      Since this scammer’s stubborn. What’s left is for freelancers to be vigilant and read this blog.

      Thanks for sharing jyllytle!

      • “She” is on iwriter and peopleperhour as well. I wonder how many people they’ve screwed. I’ve gone a bit further and reported them to the Federal Trade Commission, the British CMA and a few others. I noticed the website was Kenyan as well.

    • Note: Don’t accept daily article writing if client’s reputation is questionable and if job requires you to pass an article every 2-3 hours and write a minimum of 3-4 articles a day because even if you are just working for a single day, the scammer have already stolen 4 articles already. They do this so they will be sure that they can steal even 2 articles that’s why they want each article hurry.

  2. Have you ever heard of a DMCA takedown notice? I’m sending those to every client of theirs that published my work.

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