Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

Elance is really a big help for me to earn additional income during my idle days. I met great clients there. My first client was a japanese client. He has a verified payment in elance. He did not have job history yet but since I am a first time freelancer and as long as the task is not difficult and has flexible time, I grabbed it. Luckily he is very nice, professional and honest. At last! I got paid on a generous amount for my first job.

I met some clients and they are really nice. When I saw an hourly job post for Article writers, I saw that the amount he offered was big so I tried to bid on it. The client messaged me and I asked many questions. He’s entertaining and I am glad that he awarded me the job. I looked again on the job post and I saw that I am the most novice freelancer there having awarded this job. I admit that I got scammed a bit but with no money involved but at least I detected earlier that he is a scammer.

I just want to share this article on how to check elance clients with verified payments.

Here comes the work. We talked on skype and I sent an article to him and then I just said that I can start on 5 articles work tomorrow because it is already night here in my country. He agreed. On the next day, I submitted 4 articles and he’s fine with it. On the next 2 days, I checked his elance client profile and here comes to my dismay, I saw that he had awarded many jobs to freelancers but no one was paid. Just look at the photos. As you can see, the job from another freelancer was completed but he did not pay her.


So I sent a message through using elance and skype to my client that my last work will be on Friday. The client messaged me on Friday and I still submit an easy article and that’s fine with me. I just thought that maybe the client is not a crook after all. I just said that I’ll just have to (untrue reasons) because I still have to find out if he really is a scammer or not. I don’t want to continue work with him.

Weekends until Tuesday passed. On Wednesday, I checked my email and kaboom! a freelancer disputed him. His client profile was nowhere to see. Take note, the scammer adamschris has really a though feeling that I will still work for him for free. He has a nerve to message me professionally.I laughed and I think it’s ridiculous. He did not know that freelancers under him will also receive the dispute message.


Here is the message I received in the workroom by elance:

This message is from the Elance Dispute and Elance Operations Teams: 

At this time Elance is advising that all additional work on this project stop due to account concerns. Dispute and/or arbitration options may not be available (including Work View Payment Protection) if work continues. 

All ongoing work should stop immediately. Elance will notify you directly through your email address on file if concerns with this project are resolved and it is appropriate to continue working.

Elance Operations and Dispute Teams

I marked the job as complete but I just thought that I will just make a dispute so future clients will know that I am not a crook. Also, I just realized that I may be lucky if just in case I’ll have the imaginary amount since one freelancer has already disputed him.

Then, I like to know what company he is involved with so I created a Skype account just to lure him.

Then after having a Song Hye Kyo photo as my profile and pretended that I am from Taiwan. He bite the bait. And now, I have obtained the email address:

Here’s the website:

The Star Writers Group. He said that “we are one” when I asked if I can apply to their group. It is just weird that he uses gmail as his email address. He got owned because I did not submit the article and I made him wait. Good luck with your freelancing career. At least you’ve been warned.

[7:08:24 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: Oh no. Can I send it to your email? Did you download it already and saved on your desktop?

[7:09:21 PM] Adams Chris: i did that, send in my mail?

[7:09:53 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: yes

[7:10:21 PM] Adams Chris: you got my mail?

[7:10:30 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: not yet

[7:11:32 PM] Adams Chris:

After a few conversations, haha! I’ve caught him! He is using this email!

[10:03:58 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: I have completed the article. Can you reply if I can send it now to your email?

[10:12:24 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: I am online now
[10:16:26 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: I will not send it if you will not reply
[10:19:30 PM] Adams Chris: am here
[10:19:32 PM] Adams Chris: send
[10:19:39 PM] Adams Chris: send here
[10:20:59 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: I sent it already to your email
[10:21:07 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: please check it
[10:25:54 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: the title is HP Deskjet 1055 driver download
[10:49:10 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: What happened?
[10:49:16 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: Do you rceived it?
[10:49:23 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: Did you?
[10:49:24 PM] Adams Chris: yes
[10:49:33 PM] Adams Chris: but i need an attachment not a link
[10:49:47 PM] Adams Chris: send in sm-word as an attachment
[10:49:56 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: Okay
[10:51:52 PM] Fantasia Bizarre: Oh I thought its a link to the fiel sharing site. OKay I’ll send you an email with MS word

I did not contact him anymore. I know that he read my email.

I hope that Elance will have an escrow for hourly jobs. To inform my fellow freelancers who got awarded by adamschris, I posted a job post as a client. Since I am also a client in Elance and I have a job history that I paid a freelancer,  I am confident that I can invite them to make me a proposal. Luckily, 2 of the scammer’s victims, pratiorganize and the freelancer who disputed the scammer made a proposal and then, I messaged them regarding the scammer’s web and email address.

Poor guy in this photo, I hope if this pic is from someone else, he will know that this scammer uses his identity. adamschris of elance with skype id adams.chris5 is no more to see and I hope no one is to be scammed by this type of scamming. His  (fake) name on invoice is Marcus Charles. I already reported this scammer website to Google.


Oh no! Poor guy in the photo. Pratiorganize sent me the profile of the nice guy whose profile pic has been stolen by adamschris and Star Writers Group.

The guy below has a good reputation. He is a legitimate writer. 


The real writer guy has a professional website.

Here's the real nice guy. A legitimate freelancer.

Here’s the real nice guy. A legitimate freelancer.

We, the freelancers, sent him a message that someone is using his picture.  I will post the 2nd part for more revelations about adamschris’ fake accounts and other scammers in Elance.


About elancecontractor

I am an Elance freelancer and client sharing Elance scam stories. I do not do these to destroy Elance's reputation. I did this blog to warn people about choosing clients and freelancers carefully. You may also contact me if you would like to share your Elance experience.

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