Best tips in recognizing fraud, red flags and scams in a verified elance client

Hooray! My blog is now included in Google and Yahoo’s search engine list but I still need to type for my blog to appear. I hope by writing the fake company’s name, my blog will appear on the search soon.

You can see this on the client info

You can see this on the client info

If you are a novice freelancer, you can bid on clients with verified payment method as long as the job is part time. In case of an hourly job, you can receive the payment for the first week. If no payment received after the first week, stop the work and request to your client to cancel the job. In case of a fixed job, the escrow must be funded first and the first milestone must be set to the shortest time possible so you can tell if your client is indeed honest and trustworthy. The second milestone and so on must be set to what you and the client agreed upon.

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Part 3: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

This is my last post about Star Writers Group. The orginal and nice guy from part 1, Nick of Elance, replied and sent me a message. He met the scammer long ago and since he immediately cancelled the job, the scammer got mad and this is the main reason why his picture was stolen by the scammer.

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Part 2: Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

From my first post. Here’s another story shared by pratiorganize by the real name, Pratiksha Sharma of Elance. She is an honest freelancer with great command of the English language. You can see her profile and hire her.

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Verified Elance client discovered to be a scammer c/o Adamschris and Star Writers Group

Elance is really a big help for me to earn additional income during my idle days. I met great clients there. My first client was a japanese client. He has a verified payment in elance. He did not have job history yet but since I am a first time freelancer and as long as the task is not difficult and has flexible time, I grabbed it. Luckily he is very nice, professional and honest. At last! I got paid on a generous amount for my first job.

I met some clients and they are really nice. When I saw an hourly job post for Article writers, I saw that the amount he offered was big so I tried to bid on it. The client messaged me and I asked many questions. He’s entertaining and I am glad that he awarded me the job. I looked again on the job post and I saw that I am the most novice freelancer there having awarded this job. I admit that I got scammed a bit but with no money involved but at least I detected earlier that he is a scammer.

I just want to share this article on how to check elance clients with verified payments.

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My top winning food processor. My review.

UPDATE as of 7/22/2014: have used smallseotools this week and I found that there’s a published article of it. 

What I wonder is the REGINA author and the whole website do not have contact details. Aside from that, they changed the date to February (which is IMO is published in bad faith) where the original article is March. Anyway, here’s my article that’s been sent by the scammer and has been plagiarized. Well, at least, the articles scammed to me are only a few. See and judge the website who committed plagiarism:

Food processors are still necessary for our kitchen. It saves time and effort to prepare yummy and delicious foods. I have tried a lot of food processors. Every time I change food processors within years, I don’t really buy the same food processor because I am always convinced that the newer food processors are better so I usually buy another brand.

Recently, I have to buy another food processor for my small food business. I searched websites for reviews. is a good website to know more about the top food processors. It is the best and the most detailed guide in my opinion regarding choosing the top food processors.

I need to make cupcakes and bread so I bought the Cuisinart DFP-14 Custom 14-Cup Food Processor. I am new in making batches of my pastries and as I used it, I am glad that I don’t have to put a lot of effort in kneading since this food processor does a great job on this.

I have a large baking space in my kitchen so I have no worries about placing this food processor on my countertop. If I like to put food decorations, I have also no worries in putting small amounts in the machine because whenever I want to have chopped cheese and vegetables or fruit toppings like cherry or strawberries in this food processor, I will just put large amounts of these and the food processor can still perform its chopping tasks. Gladly, the noise from this food processor is not that loud compared to my previous food processors. Thanks to this product that I have saved time, effort and energy in repeating my baking tasks. If my business will have returning clients, I’ll buy many of this for my food business expansion.

Overall, I am happy using the Cuisinart DFP-14 Custom 14-Cup Food Processor. Thanks to Santanafoods that I saw this product.